Rants From The Treehugger

Hi, my name is Heather Treehugger; I am a typical gun-totin’, lefty-leaning, loud-mouthed, liberal woman. I tend to rant over some of the things I see in everyday life which in turns baffle, astound, or annoy me. I created this new blog so I can post things that have nothing to do with the main blog’s focus, but I feel the need to write about, regardless.

My first rant is on politics. Honestly, I am fairly certain most of the rants will be politically motivated, so if you do not like politics or like those who tend to be political, run fast, run now!


According to a story out of the Washington Post this morning: “At this moment, the 2014 midterm election seems unlikely to shift the partisan balance of the House much. The Senate is a different story, however. For many months now — excepting a brief…

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