Flowers For Socrates

CNNLogoBy Elaine Magliaro

Last Sunday, Brian Stetler of CNN said he was concerned “about whether or not the media is stoking a war panic over the Islamic State militant group.” Stelter wondered whether members of the media were “letting their fears get the best of them, or their ideological agendas.” During a discussion with The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel, Stetler questioned whether the media was “pushing the president towards further escalation.” Jack Mirkinson (Huffington Post) noted “press reaction to the growing power of ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been dominated by hawkish voices…”

I touched on this subject of pundits and the members of the media being vocal about how our country should be gearing up for more military actions in the Mideast before in my post titled Iraq, the Mainstream Media, and the Neocon Reunion Tour. Mike Spindell also wrote a post about the media…

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