Positively Unthinkable

Last week, after a historic referendum, Scotland voted ‘No’ to independence form the United Kingdom.

I love me some nationalism as much as the next man, but I think this result was a good thing. Regardless of the arguments of both campaigns, which were pretty hazy, the result of a ‘No’ would be pretty good for Scotland; that is, being set for maximum devolution. ‘Devo Max’, as it’s rather jammily called, like some sort of soft drink enjoyed by separatists, involves the increase of the Scottish Parliament’s power over pretty much everything. Basically, it’s all the benefits of being in the Union without all that Westminster rubbish.

I was surprised that this wasn’t the leading argument of the ‘No’ campaign, with apparently all three party leaders agreeing to see devolution become a reality.

I was even more surprised to see in the day after the vote was called David Cameron…

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