National Unity Coalition

September 20, 2014
* * *

MONTEREY CALIFORNIA USA   A “Unity Coalition” of thirty-two State and Federal political candidates are organized under the unifying all party (and independents) voting system of pure American proportional representation (PR).

The Unity Coalition is headed up by anti-corruption candidate Prime Minister Ron Gold [Republican] for California State Attorney General and tax fighter Greg Conlon [Republican] for California State Treasurer.

The united coalition has a plan; Call on Republican, Democratic and independent voters to support the three independent Congressional candidates in California districts 5, 20 and 28 (Napa, Monterey and Los Angeles).

In exchange for the support, we also ask those same categories of Republican, Democratic and independent voters, to support the Unity Coalition candidates in their own districts both inside and outside of California.

The list of the United Coalition candidates is as follows:

Greg Conlon [Republican] for State Treasurer (Santa Clara)

Ron Gold [Republican] for State Attorney General (Los Angeles)

Dale Mensing [Republican] for US Congress (Marin, Humboldt) CD2

James Hinton [Independent] for US Congress (Napa) CD5

Bob Conaway [Democratic] for US Congress (San Bernardino) CD8

Ro Khanna [Democratic] for US Congress (Santa Clara) CD17

Steve Stokes [Independent) for US Congress (Los Angeles) CD28 

Andy Whallom [Republican] for Congress (Long Beach) CD47 

Ethan on behalf of Dave Peiser [Democratic] for Congress (San Diego) CD49

Ricardo Benitez [Republican] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD18

Matt Munson [Republican] for State Senate (San Bernardino) SD20

Peter Choi [Democratic] for State Senate (Los Angeles) SD24

Eugene on Behalf of Ben Allan [Democratic] for State Senate (Santa Monica) SD26

Jim Reed [Democratic] for State Assembly (Tehema) AD3

Kevin McCarty [Democratic] for State Assembly (Sacramento) AD7 

Joy Delepine [Republican] for State Assembly (Contra Costa) AD14

Tony Thurmond [Democratic] for Assembly (Alameda) AD15

Dave Erlich [Republican] for Assembly (Alameda) AD18

Devon Mathis [Republican] for State Assembly (Kern) AD26

Palmer Kain [Republican] for State Senate (Santa Cruz) AD29

Pedro Rios [Republican] for Assembly (Kern) AD32

John Coffey [Democratic] for Assembly (San Bernardino) AD33

Heidi Harmon [Democratic] for Assembly (San Luis Obispo) AD35

Nathaniel Tsai [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD41

Zachary Taylor [Republican] for Assembly (Studio City) AD46

Glen Ratcliff [Republican] for Assembly (Los Angeles) AD54

Gregg Fritchle [Democratic] for Assembly (Covina) AD55

Ken Park [Democratic] for Assembly (Corona) AD60

John Goya [Republican] for Assembly (Long Beach) AD70

Thomas Krouse [Republican] for Assembly (San Diego) AD76

Joe Phillips [Socialist] for State Senate (NY) SD40

Tony Jones [Libertarian] for Lt. Governor (RI)
* * *


The United Coalition has elected five planks on a
Unity Platform and the rankings of items is dynamic and subject to change daily through a “Vote of Confidence”.

The current five planks are as follows:

1 End all corruption in the State of California.
2 Advocate for legislation that will improve tax revenue by decreasing
both individual and corporate tax rates.
3 Online Voting via any Internet device — to increase voter participation.
4 Improved utilization of internet and technology for interactive
citizen-government relationship at all levels of government and

5 Comprehensive tax reform upon further analysis with the goal of
lessening the tax burden on middle and lower earners, removing
loopholes for corporations in order to spread the tax burden, and
potentially lessen the overall taxes on both corporations and
* * *